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If we want to meet the challenge of developing the built environment sustainably, it is important for research, policy and innovation to inform and reinforce each other. Part of that takes place through press and (social) media. On this page, I list a selection of my media appearances, citations in press articles, and contributions in Dutch national newspapers.  You can find my own twitter and linkedin timelines by clicking on the familiar icons above.

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Video & Audio

Radio 1.png

Radio interview - NPO Radio 1 - 26 Juli 2023

Tom Daamen 1Vandaag

Television interview - 1Vandaag - 12 September 2020

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 16.51.13.png

Short video interview - - 3 January 2022

Written Press

Opinie Het verhaal van Nederland Distributieland is een versleten praatje

Opinion article co-author - Het Financieele Dagblad - 17 October 2021

News article

Citation in article - Brabants Dagblad - 2 October 2021

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