Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Tom Daamen, Associate Professor Urban Development Management (UDM) at Delft University of Technology. Next to academic research and education, I occasionally do independent consulting work for port city authorities and other stakeholders engaged in developing seaport city waterfronts. I was educated as an engineer, trained in the fields of urbanism, planning and real estate, and discovered that I had a knack for understanding how these fields interact in the practice of port-city planning and development. 


In Delft, I lead a team of academic researchers and lecturers at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (A+BE). My own research focuses on seaport city governance issues and strategic planning questions for waterfront zones. My goal is to create insight into the forces behind port-urban change, and produce useful principles for managing projects between city and port - specifically through interdisciplinary and collaborative processes! To this end, I am deeply involved in several academic research, education and valorisation projects on the fringe of strategic spatial planning, real estate, geography, and economic renewal.


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