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After finishing my PhD-project on seaport city waterfront re/development in 2010, I have been engaged in contract research, developing educational programs, and founding the new academic research group of Urban Development Management (UDM) at Delft University of Technology. Since 2018, I have been leading the Leerstoel Gebiedsontwikkeling: a team of professors, researchers, journalists and talented students dedicated to study and improve Dutch area development practice, and stimulate international exchange and mutual learning among academics and practitioners interested in the field. 


Based on my own research and other projects, I have also done some academic writing, shared ideas and concepts with peers at conferences, and translated academic insights into professional publications - all of which are listed below. If you are unable to find or download your publication of interest, please let me know.


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International Journal Articles



International Books and Chapters


  • Van den Berghe, K. & T.A. Daamen (2020), 'From Planning the Port/City to Planning the Port-City: Exploring the Economic Interface in European Port Cities.' In:  Carpenter, A. & R. Lozano, European Ports in Transition. Cham (Switzerland): Springer, pp. 89-108

  • Daamen, T.A. & J. Pages Sanchez (2020), 'Governance and Planning Issues in European Waterfront Redevelopment 1999–2019.' In: Carpenter, A. & R. Lozano, European Port Cities in Transition, Cham (Switzerland): Springer, pp. 127-148

  • Pages Sanchez, J. & T.A. Daamen (2020), 'Using Heritage to Develop Sustainable Port-City Relationships: Lisbon’s shift from Object-based to Landscape Approaches'. In: Hein, C. (ed.), Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage: Past, Present and Future, Springer Open, pp. 383-400

  • Keenan, J.M.K. & T.A. Daamen (2018), 'Adaptation in Rotterdam’s CityPorts: Mainstreaming Housing and Education'. In: Rosenzweig, C. et al., Climate Change and Cities: Second Assessment Report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network (ARC3), Cambridge University Press, pp. 704-706

  • Daamen, T.A. (2010), Strategy as Force. Towards Effective Strategies for Urban Development Projects: The Case of Rotterdam CityPorts. Amsterdam: IOS Press (dissertation).


Dutch Journal Articles



Dutch Professional Articles



Dutch Books and Chapters


Professional Articles                                         


  • Daamen, T.A. (2020), 'Gebiedsontwikkeling: strategische allesbinder', Analyse #49 Gebiedsontwikkeling & E-Commerce, February 21, Financieele Dagblad

  • Verdaas, C., F. de Zeeuw & T.A. Daamen (2020), 'Na Wild West en sciencefiction op zoek naar de juiste film: naar een nieuw sturingsconcept voor de inrichting van Nederland.' Delft: Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling / Leerstoel Gebiedsontwikkeling TU Delft

  • Verheul, W.J., T.A. Daamen, E.W.T.M. Heurkens, F.A.M. Hobma & S. van Zoest (2019), 'Leren van stedelijke transformaties: over sturingsdilemma's en veerkracht in binnenstedelijke gebiedsontwikkeling.' Den Haag: Stedelijke Transformatie/Platform31 (essay) 77 pp.

  • Daamen, T.A. & H. van der Linden (2019), 'De meerwaarde van ontwerpend onderzoek voor gebiedsontwikkeling.' In: Berkers, M. (ed.), Stad van de toekomst. Amsterdam: BNA, pp.

  • Verheul, W.J. & T.A. Daamen (2017), 'Ruimte voor durf en diversiteit: naar een meervoudige aanpak van gebiedstransformaties'. RO Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 07-08, pp. 16-22

  • Daamen, T.A. (2017), 'Een hybride toekomst voor de Schiedamse havens door duurzame clusterversterking'. GO Gebiedsontwikkeling in beweging, Voorjaar 2017, Delft: Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling, p. 42-47

  • Van Bueren, E., T. Daamen, Y. Chen, A. Franzen, E. Heurkens, F. Hobma & W.J. Verheul (2016), 'Urban Development Management: Past, Present and Future.' In: Arkesteijn, M., D.J.M. van der Voordt, H. Remoy, & Y. Chen (eds.), Dear is durable: Liber Amicorum for Hans de Jonge. Delft: TU Delft Open, p. 281-289

  • Daamen, T.A., M. Huijs, M. Aarts, W. de Vries (2015), 'La riscoperta del waterfront di Rotterdam' (Rediscovering the Waterfront in Rotterdam). Transporti & Cultura, Vol. 15, No. 41, pp. 69-75 (Italian)

  • Heurkens, E., Daamen, T. & Pol, P. (2015), 'Faciliteren als basis: lessen uit Rotterdam'. Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling Magazine, Vol. 33, No. 1-2, pp. 30-33.

  • Daamen, T.A. & W.J. Verheul (2014), ‘Stelling: Zuidas is de laatste grote gebiedsontwikkeling in Nederland’. Rooilijn, Vol. 47, No. 5, pp. 316-317

  • De Jonge, H., Y. Chen & T.A. Daamen (2011/2014), 'Training City Developers. The Dutch Way of Education.' Urban Planning International, Vol. 26, No. 3, 6 pp. (Chinese)

  • Daamen, T.A. & J. van Haaren (2011), ‘Het succes van Hamburg’. Real Estate Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 78, pp. 24-29

  • Daamen, T.A., G. Wigmans & J. van Haaren (2011), ‘De kwaliteiten van de stad’. Real Estate Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 74, pp. 23-28

  • Daamen, T.A. (2008), ‘Gebiedsontwikkeling: Pragmatiek boven ideologie’. Real Estate Magazine, No. 61, pp. 23-26

  • Daamen, T.A. (2007), ‘Between Port and City’. In: Port of Rotterdam (ed), Port Related PhD Research. Rotterdam: ACTP/Port of Rotterdam

  • Daamen, T.A. & M. van Gils (2007), ‘Complexity in Decision Making in CityPorts Rotterdam: A Management Illustration’ (published in Chinese). Ideal Space - University of Shanghai

  • Daamen, T.A. (2004), ‘Ruimtelijke kwaliteit als smeermiddel’. Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling Magazine, No. 4, April 2004, pp. 26-28

  • Daamen, T.A. (2003), ‘Gebiedsontwikkeling: hollen of stilstaan’. PPS, Vol. 3, No. 6, December 2003, pp. 7-11.


Conference Proceedings

  • Daamen, T.A. & J.M. Pages Sanchez (2017), 'Governance Reform, Changing Property Rights, and New Planning Approaches in the European Port-City Interface', Abstract and Presentation for AESOP2017 Annual Conference, July 11-14, Libon, Portugal

  • Chen, Y., T.A. Daamen, E.W.T.M. Heurkens & W.J. Verheul (2017), 'Interdisciplinary learning in real estate education: the case of the urban redevelopment game'. Abstract and Presentation for ERES2017 Annual Conference, Jun 28-Jul 1, Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. & E. Louw (2017), 'Sustainable Development of the European Port-City Interface: Evolving Insights in Research and Practice'. Abstract and Presentation for ERES2017 Annual Conference, Jun 28-Jul 1, Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. & E.M. van Bueren (2016), 'The Transformative Force of Glocal Port-City Projects: Integrated Governance in the Rotterdam Region'. Abstract and Presentation for the AAG2016 Annual Meeting, Mar 29-Apr 2, San Francisco (CA), USA

  • Daamen, T.A. & L.B. Janssen-Jansen (2014), 'The Downside of Integrative Urban Redevelopment Schemes: Assessing the Adaptive Capacity of Four Railway Station Area Projects in The Netherlands'. Abstract and presentation for the ACSP 54th Annual Conference, Oct 30-Nov 1, Philadelphia (PE), USA

  • Chen, Y. & T.A. Daamen (2014), 'Spoorzone Delft: An Introduction'. Short paper and presentation for the Spoorzone Delft Mobile Workshop, AESOP 28th Annual Congress, July 11, Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. & E.W.T.M. Heurkens (2014), 'Planners as Facilitators: Dutch Planners in Search of a New Role in City Making'. Abstract for the AESOP 28th Annual Congress, July 9-12, Utrecht/Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. & J. van Haaren (2014), 'Mastering City Development: Transdisciplinary Learning in Urban Planning and Development'. Abstract for the AESOP 28th Annual Congress, July 9-12, Utrecht/Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. (2012), 'Dutch "Gebiedsontwikkeling" as Community of Practice: Implications for Research and Education'. Abstract and presentation for the AESOP 26th Annual Congress, July 11-15, Ankara, Turkey

  • Daamen, T.A. (2011), 'Lost in Translation? The ‘Uses’ of Cross-National Studies in Strategic Spatial Planning'. Abstract and presentation for the 5th AESOP YA Network Meeting, February 16-18, Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. & G.J. Peek, (2008), 'The Power of the Waterfront: A Pragmatic Approach to Urban Waterfront Theory and Practice'. Abstract, short paper and presentation for The International Network of Urban Waterfront Research Conference, October 10-11, Hamburg, Germany

  • Daamen, T.A. (2008), 'The Power of the Border: The Influence of Territorial Borders on the Management of Urban Development Projects - The Case of Rotterdam CityPorts'. Abstract for the 2nd AESOP Young Academics Meeting, February 6-8, St. Petersburg, Russia (unattended)

  • Daamen, T.A. (2008), ‘The Power of the Model: Rotterdam’s Struggle against the Waterfront Rationale’. 4th ACSP/AESOP Joint Congress, July 6-11, Chicago, USA

  • Daamen, T.A. & G. Wigmans (2007), 'Managing Complexity in Urban Area Development: A New Role for Planning'. AESOP Meeting Planning & Complexity, 9-10 March, Stuttgart

  • Daamen, T.A. (2007), ‘Sustainable Development of the European Port-City Interface’. ENHR: European Network of Housing Research Conference, June 25-28, Rotterdam

  • Daamen, T.A. & M. van Gils (2006), ‘Development Challenges in the Evolving Port-City Interface – Defining Complex Development Problems in the European Main Seaport-City Interface: Rotterdam and Hamburg’. IACP 10th International Conference Cities and Ports, November 5-9, Sydney

  • Daamen, T.A. & M. van Gils (2006), ‘Complexity in decision-making in “CityPorts” Rotterdam: A management illustration’. IACP 10th International Conference Cities and Ports, November 5-9, Sydney

  • Daamen, T.A. (2006), ‘Managing Areas of Transition: An Approach to Complex Re-Development Questions in the Area between the European City and its Main Seaport’. AESOP 20th Annual Congress, April 5-7, London, England.


Dutch Research Reports


  • Daamen, T.A., P. Gerretsen, R. van de Wall, M. Gopalakrishnan, J. Hinterleitner, A Verwayen & I. Lammers (2021), Startmotor en katalysator: de kansen van een integrale, toekomstbestendige ontwikkeling van de verkeersruit Rotterdam en omgeving. Delft: Leerstoel Gebiedsontwikkeling TU Delft/Vereniging Deltametropool

  • Verdaas, C., T.A. Daamen & A. Verwayen (2020), 'Regionale fondsen in gebruik voor gebiedsontwikkeling: twee kanten van dezelfde medaille in beeld.' Delft: TU Delft/MinBZK

  • Daamen, T.A., W.J. Verheul, E.W.T.M. Heurkens (2020), GebiedsInvesteringsZone (GIZ): naar een praktijkexperiment. Delft: TU Delft/MinBZK

  • Daamen, T.A., E.W.T.M. Heurkens, F.A.M. Hobma (2017), Verheul, W.J. & R.P. Vriends, Gebiedstransformaties: ruimte voor durf en diversiteit. Delft: TU Delft/MinBZK

  • Heurkens, E., W. de Hoog & T.A. Daamen (2014), De Kennismotor: initiatieven tot faciliteren en leren in de Rotterdamse gebiedsontwikkelingspraktijk. Delft: TU Delft/Gemeente Rotterdam, 50 pp.

  • Daamen, T.A., A.J. Franzen & J. van der Vegt (2012), Sturen op waarde. Afwegen en verbinden in de nieuwe realiteit van gebiedsontwikkeling. Delft: TU Delft/Gemeente Rotterdam, 28 pp.

  • Daamen, T.A. (2011), ‘Institutionele aspecten van duuzame gebiedsontwikkeling in de Merwe-Vierhavans.’ In: Dobbelsteen, A. van den (red.), REAP2: Rotterdamse EnergieAanpak & -Planning 2: technische, ruimtelijke, sociale, juridischeen strategische uitwerking van het REAP-model, toegepast in de Merwe-Vierhavens. Delft: TU Delft, DWA & Doepel Strijkers Architecten, 100 pp.

  • Braun, E., T.A. Daamen, A. Franzen, J. van Haaren & J. van der Vegt (2011), Sturen op waarde. Onderzoek naar de wijze waarop de gemeente kan sturen op waarde in Rotterdamse gebieden. Delft/Rotterdam: TU Delft & Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, 115 pp.


Web Publications



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