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After finishing my PhD-project on seaport city waterfront re/development in 2010, I have been engaged in contract research, developing educational programs, and founding the new academic research group of Urban Development Management (UDM) at Delft University of Technology. Since 2018, I have been leading the Leerstoel Gebiedsontwikkeling: a team of professors, researchers, journalists and talented students dedicated to study and improve Dutch area development practice, and stimulate international exchange and mutual learning among academics and practitioners interested and/or active in the field. 


Based on my own research and other projects, I have also done some academic writing, shared ideas and concepts with peers at conferences, and translated academic insights into professional publications - all of which are listed below. If you are unable to find or download your publication of interest, please let me know.


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International Journal Articles



International Books and Chapters


  • Van den Berghe, K. & T.A. Daamen (2020), 'From Planning the Port/City to Planning the Port-City: Exploring the Economic Interface in European Port Cities.' In:  Carpenter, A. & R. Lozano, European Ports in Transition. Cham (Switzerland): Springer, pp. 89-108

  • Daamen, T.A. & J. Pages Sanchez (2020), 'Governance and Planning Issues in European Waterfront Redevelopment 1999–2019.' In: Carpenter, A. & R. Lozano, European Port Cities in Transition, Cham (Switzerland): Springer, pp. 127-148

  • Pages Sanchez, J. & T.A. Daamen (2020), 'Using Heritage to Develop Sustainable Port-City Relationships: Lisbon’s shift from Object-based to Landscape Approaches'. In: Hein, C. (ed.), Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage: Past, Present and Future, Springer Open, pp. 383-400

  • Keenan, J.M.K. & T.A. Daamen (2018), 'Adaptation in Rotterdam’s CityPorts: Mainstreaming Housing and Education'. In: Rosenzweig, C. et al., Climate Change and Cities: Second Assessment Report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network (ARC3), Cambridge University Press, pp. 704-706

  • Daamen, T.A. (2010), Strategy as Force. Towards Effective Strategies for Urban Development Projects: The Case of Rotterdam CityPorts. Amsterdam: IOS Press (dissertation).


Dutch Journal Articles



Dutch Professional Articles



Dutch Books and Chapters


Professional Articles                                         


  • Daamen, T.A. (2020), 'Gebiedsontwikkeling: strategische allesbinder', Analyse #49 Gebiedsontwikkeling & E-Commerce, February 21, Financieele Dagblad

  • Verdaas, C., F. de Zeeuw & T.A. Daamen (2020), 'Na Wild West en sciencefiction op zoek naar de juiste film: naar een nieuw sturingsconcept voor de inrichting van Nederland.' Delft: Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling / Leerstoel Gebiedsontwikkeling TU Delft

  • Verheul, W.J., T.A. Daamen, E.W.T.M. Heurkens, F.A.M. Hobma & S. van Zoest (2019), 'Leren van stedelijke transformaties: over sturingsdilemma's en veerkracht in binnenstedelijke gebiedsontwikkeling.' Den Haag: Stedelijke Transformatie/Platform31 (essay) 77 pp.

  • Daamen, T.A. & H. van der Linden (2019), 'De meerwaarde van ontwerpend onderzoek voor gebiedsontwikkeling.' In: Berkers, M. (ed.), Stad van de toekomst. Amsterdam: BNA, pp.

  • Verheul, W.J. & T.A. Daamen (2017), 'Ruimte voor durf en diversiteit: naar een meervoudige aanpak van gebiedstransformaties'. RO Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 07-08, pp. 16-22

  • Daamen, T.A. (2017), 'Een hybride toekomst voor de Schiedamse havens door duurzame clusterversterking'. GO Gebiedsontwikkeling in beweging, Voorjaar 2017, Delft: Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling, p. 42-47

  • Van Bueren, E., T. Daamen, Y. Chen, A. Franzen, E. Heurkens, F. Hobma & W.J. Verheul (2016), 'Urban Development Management: Past, Present and Future.' In: Arkesteijn, M., D.J.M. van der Voordt, H. Remoy, & Y. Chen (eds.), Dear is durable: Liber Amicorum for Hans de Jonge. Delft: TU Delft Open, p. 281-289

  • Daamen, T.A., M. Huijs, M. Aarts, W. de Vries (2015), 'La riscoperta del waterfront di Rotterdam' (Rediscovering the Waterfront in Rotterdam). Transporti & Cultura, Vol. 15, No. 41, pp. 69-75 (Italian)

  • Heurkens, E., Daamen, T. & Pol, P. (2015), 'Faciliteren als basis: lessen uit Rotterdam'. Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling Magazine, Vol. 33, No. 1-2, pp. 30-33.

  • Daamen, T.A. & W.J. Verheul (2014), ‘Stelling: Zuidas is de laatste grote gebiedsontwikkeling in Nederland’. Rooilijn, Vol. 47, No. 5, pp. 316-317

  • De Jonge, H., Y. Chen & T.A. Daamen (2011/2014), 'Training City Developers. The Dutch Way of Education.' Urban Planning International, Vol. 26, No. 3, 6 pp. (Chinese)

  • Daamen, T.A. & J. van Haaren (2011), ‘Het succes van Hamburg’. Real Estate Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 78, pp. 24-29

  • Daamen, T.A., G. Wigmans & J. van Haaren (2011), ‘De kwaliteiten van de stad’. Real Estate Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 74, pp. 23-28

  • Daamen, T.A. (2008), ‘Gebiedsontwikkeling: Pragmatiek boven ideologie’. Real Estate Magazine, No. 61, pp. 23-26

  • Daamen, T.A. (2007), ‘Between Port and City’. In: Port of Rotterdam (ed), Port Related PhD Research. Rotterdam: ACTP/Port of Rotterdam

  • Daamen, T.A. & M. van Gils (2007), ‘Complexity in Decision Making in CityPorts Rotterdam: A Management Illustration’ (published in Chinese). Ideal Space - University of Shanghai

  • Daamen, T.A. (2004), ‘Ruimtelijke kwaliteit als smeermiddel’. Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling Magazine, No. 4, April 2004, pp. 26-28

  • Daamen, T.A. (2003), ‘Gebiedsontwikkeling: hollen of stilstaan’. PPS, Vol. 3, No. 6, December 2003, pp. 7-11.


Conference Proceedings

  • Daamen, T.A. & J.M. Pages Sanchez (2017), 'Governance Reform, Changing Property Rights, and New Planning Approaches in the European Port-City Interface', Abstract and Presentation for AESOP2017 Annual Conference, July 11-14, Libon, Portugal

  • Chen, Y., T.A. Daamen, E.W.T.M. Heurkens & W.J. Verheul (2017), 'Interdisciplinary learning in real estate education: the case of the urban redevelopment game'. Abstract and Presentation for ERES2017 Annual Conference, Jun 28-Jul 1, Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. & E. Louw (2017), 'Sustainable Development of the European Port-City Interface: Evolving Insights in Research and Practice'. Abstract and Presentation for ERES2017 Annual Conference, Jun 28-Jul 1, Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. & E.M. van Bueren (2016), 'The Transformative Force of Glocal Port-City Projects: Integrated Governance in the Rotterdam Region'. Abstract and Presentation for the AAG2016 Annual Meeting, Mar 29-Apr 2, San Francisco (CA), USA

  • Daamen, T.A. & L.B. Janssen-Jansen (2014), 'The Downside of Integrative Urban Redevelopment Schemes: Assessing the Adaptive Capacity of Four Railway Station Area Projects in The Netherlands'. Abstract and presentation for the ACSP 54th Annual Conference, Oct 30-Nov 1, Philadelphia (PE), USA

  • Chen, Y. & T.A. Daamen (2014), 'Spoorzone Delft: An Introduction'. Short paper and presentation for the Spoorzone Delft Mobile Workshop, AESOP 28th Annual Congress, July 11, Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. & E.W.T.M. Heurkens (2014), 'Planners as Facilitators: Dutch Planners in Search of a New Role in City Making'. Abstract for the AESOP 28th Annual Congress, July 9-12, Utrecht/Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. & J. van Haaren (2014), 'Mastering City Development: Transdisciplinary Learning in Urban Planning and Development'. Abstract for the AESOP 28th Annual Congress, July 9-12, Utrecht/Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. (2012), 'Dutch "Gebiedsontwikkeling" as Community of Practice: Implications for Research and Education'. Abstract and presentation for the AESOP 26th Annual Congress, July 11-15, Ankara, Turkey

  • Daamen, T.A. (2011), 'Lost in Translation? The ‘Uses’ of Cross-National Studies in Strategic Spatial Planning'. Abstract and presentation for the 5th AESOP YA Network Meeting, February 16-18, Delft, The Netherlands

  • Daamen, T.A. & G.J. Peek, (2008), 'The Power of the Waterfront: A Pragmatic Approach to Urban Waterfront Theory and Practice'. Abstract, short paper and presentation for The International Network of Urban Waterfront Research Conference, October 10-11, Hamburg, Germany

  • Daamen, T.A. (2008), 'The Power of the Border: The Influence of Territorial Borders on the Management of Urban Development Projects - The Case of Rotterdam CityPorts'. Abstract for the 2nd AESOP Young Academics Meeting, February 6-8, St. Petersburg, Russia (unattended)

  • Daamen, T.A. (2008), ‘The Power of the Model: Rotterdam’s Struggle against the Waterfront Rationale’. 4th ACSP/AESOP Joint Congress, July 6-11, Chicago, USA

  • Daamen, T.A. & G. Wigmans (2007), 'Managing Complexity in Urban Area Development: A New Role for Planning'. AESOP Meeting Planning & Complexity, 9-10 March, Stuttgart

  • Daamen, T.A. (2007), ‘Sustainable Development of the European Port-City Interface’. ENHR: European Network of Housing Research Conference, June 25-28, Rotterdam

  • Daamen, T.A. & M. van Gils (2006), ‘Development Challenges in the Evolving Port-City Interface – Defining Complex Development Problems in the European Main Seaport-City Interface: Rotterdam and Hamburg’. IACP 10th International Conference Cities and Ports, November 5-9, Sydney

  • Daamen, T.A. & M. van Gils (2006), ‘Complexity in decision-making in “CityPorts” Rotterdam: A management illustration’. IACP 10th International Conference Cities and Ports, November 5-9, Sydney

  • Daamen, T.A. (2006), ‘Managing Areas of Transition: An Approach to Complex Re-Development Questions in the Area between the European City and its Main Seaport’. AESOP 20th Annual Congress, April 5-7, London, England.


Dutch Research Reports


  • Daamen, T.A., P. Gerretsen, R. van de Wall, M. Gopalakrishnan, J. Hinterleitner, A Verwayen & I. Lammers (2021), Startmotor en katalysator: de kansen van een integrale, toekomstbestendige ontwikkeling van de verkeersruit Rotterdam en omgeving. Delft: Leerstoel Gebiedsontwikkeling TU Delft/Vereniging Deltametropool

  • Verdaas, C., T.A. Daamen & A. Verwayen (2020), 'Regionale fondsen in gebruik voor gebiedsontwikkeling: twee kanten van dezelfde medaille in beeld.' Delft: TU Delft/MinBZK

  • Daamen, T.A., W.J. Verheul, E.W.T.M. Heurkens (2020), GebiedsInvesteringsZone (GIZ): naar een praktijkexperiment. Delft: TU Delft/MinBZK

  • Daamen, T.A., E.W.T.M. Heurkens, F.A.M. Hobma (2017), Verheul, W.J. & R.P. Vriends, Gebiedstransformaties: ruimte voor durf en diversiteit. Delft: TU Delft/MinBZK

  • Heurkens, E., W. de Hoog & T.A. Daamen (2014), De Kennismotor: initiatieven tot faciliteren en leren in de Rotterdamse gebiedsontwikkelingspraktijk. Delft: TU Delft/Gemeente Rotterdam, 50 pp.

  • Daamen, T.A., A.J. Franzen & J. van der Vegt (2012), Sturen op waarde. Afwegen en verbinden in de nieuwe realiteit van gebiedsontwikkeling. Delft: TU Delft/Gemeente Rotterdam, 28 pp.

  • Daamen, T.A. (2011), ‘Institutionele aspecten van duuzame gebiedsontwikkeling in de Merwe-Vierhavans.’ In: Dobbelsteen, A. van den (red.), REAP2: Rotterdamse EnergieAanpak & -Planning 2: technische, ruimtelijke, sociale, juridischeen strategische uitwerking van het REAP-model, toegepast in de Merwe-Vierhavens. Delft: TU Delft, DWA & Doepel Strijkers Architecten, 100 pp.

  • Braun, E., T.A. Daamen, A. Franzen, J. van Haaren & J. van der Vegt (2011), Sturen op waarde. Onderzoek naar de wijze waarop de gemeente kan sturen op waarde in Rotterdamse gebieden. Delft/Rotterdam: TU Delft & Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, 115 pp.


Web Publications



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