My passion is to help students and professionals become effective city makers. To do this, I develop concepts and tools for 

interdisciplinary collaboration in area development research and practice. The concept of urban development force stands for a capacity to (re)develop or transform urban areas for the better, signifying a complex collective effort produced by a diverse and interdependent network of people, groups and organisations. At TU Delft, my research work has focused on understanding what it takes to create urban development force and what principles, methods and tools help practitioners to do so. In Delft, I lead a research program on sustainable area development (governance, planning, design and finance) that includes academic (Ph.D.) research projects as well as studies for policy and practice.


Urban Development Management


Managing urban development projects is a major, long-term challenge. The actual work that needs to be done can be a far cry from what we learn from (academic) textbooks about project management! This is why TU Delft has founded a research group that studies urban development projects and its management and governance characteristics.


In my research on waterfront development projects - arguably among the most complex UDM assignments out there - I develop and test management and governance concepts that are more attuned to the context in which these projects take place. I am particularly interested in the idea of strategy, i.e. what it takes to effectively manage urban development projects towards desired outcomes. Within that proxy, I am always in pursuit of understanding the dynamics of politics and finance, and the influence of new IT capabilities and 



Governing the Port-City Interface


For many people, today's ports are perceived as relics from an industrial past. While some may have an eye for the technological sophistication and the seamless logistical operation of the modern seaport, many only witness the historic maritime structures closer to the city center. Some of these may be in a fenced-off state of dilapidation. Others offer basic but cheap creative quarters, while some have become 'hip' sights of significant urban transformation and urban investment.


In my governance research, I focus on the places where the modern water-boud industries meet their urban surrounding and pose Robert Dahl's famous question: Who Governs? I focus on networks and arenas in which actors vie for the ability to decide about the future of the 'port-city interface', i.e. the many sites and dimensions of city-port interaction. I aim to uncover the mechanisms, soft and hard, that shape the decisions made in these arenas. 


Sustainable Area Development


Since the summer of 2018, the Dutch Foundation for Area Development Knowledge has entrusted me to co-develop an academic program that includes research projects, professional education, knowledge exchange events and an online platform called

Together with a brilliant team of students, PhD candidates, and professors, we have a strong presence in Dutch Area Development [Gebiedsontwikkeling] research and practice. With a pragmatic outlook, our goal is to be an innovative, transformative force in pursuit of (more) sustainable processes and outcomes in Dutch as well as in international city making.

At TU Delft, the Area Development team is based at the Faculty of Architecture, as part of the Management in the Built Environment department.



Academic Research
Proposals & Grants


  • 2020: NWA-ORC Proposal 'Real Estate Development & Building in Low Urban Environments (RED&BLUE)' in collaboration with academic and societal partners in The Netherlands - Pre-proposal stage

  • 2019: NWO Transitions and Behaviour Proposal 'Changing Mobility Behaviour in a Transition Toward Sustainable and Inclusive Accessibility' in collaboration with professors Van Arem and Mugge (TU Delft) - Final Stage Reject

  • 2018: ESPON EGTC Proposal 'European Sustainable Urbanisation through Port City Regeneration (ENSURE)' in collaboration with Ecologic Institute Berlin - Final Stage Reject

  • 2017: Climate-KIC Sustainable Production Systems Loop Flagship Programme Proposal 'Circular Cities Co-Creation Platform' in collaboration with Chalmers University (Sweden) - Second Stage Reject

  • 2016: ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures (ENSUF) Pre-Proposal 'SITES: Smart and Integrated Transformations for Economic Synergies: Co-Creating Strategies for the European Port-City Interface' in collaboration wth the University of Antwerp (Belgium), Gdansk University of Technology (Poland), and the Univesity of Porto (Portugal) - Second State Reject

  • 2015: NWO Smart Urban Regions of the Future: Research Proposal 'Metropolitan and Mainport Economies in Tandem for Transition (MMETT)' in collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam - First Stage Approval, Second Stage Reject

  • 2015: H2020 Societal Challenges - Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials: WASTE (Two-Stage) Research Proposal 'REPAiR' - Approved

  • 2015: EU Marie Curie Actions International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) Urban Knowlegde Network Asia (UKNA) - A Travel Grant for a Case Study in Shanghai, China, in association with the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

  • 2011: Nicis Kennis voor Krachtige Steden [Knowledge for Strong Cities]: Proposal 'Katalysatorprojecten voor krachtige stedelijke regio’s' [Catalyst Projects for Strong Urban Regions] in collaboration with Erasmus Univesity and the Netherlands School of Public Administration - First Stage Reject

  • 2007: European Research Counsel (ERC) Proposal 'PORTCITI The Development of the Port-City Interface: Dynamics in decision-making' in collaboration with the Institute of Transport and Maritime Management of the University of Antwerp (ITMMA) - First Stage Reject.​

Editorships & Peer Reviews


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Memberships & Networks
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Member of the ULI European Urban Regeneration Council and co-organiser of the Urban Infrastructures Forum and (potential) product council.​  ​


Expert in the network of the International Association of Cities and Ports


Member in the network of Holland Metropole, a collaboration between The Netherlands' five largest conurbations.

Member of the Advisory Board of Stadsmakersfonds, a fund for city/place making initiatives with social and fair economic return.

Member of the Dutch Democratic Party D66, active particularly for the local branch in the municipality of Haarlem.


TU Delft is member of the Association of European Schools of Planning. Since 2005, I attended most annual AESOP of AESOP/ACSP conferences.

Onder Planologen In 2020, I became member of an emerging network of mid-career academic professionals in spatial planning and related fields of research and education. A first set of (online) meetings took place in 2020 (July 3 and October 27) in the absence of (inter)national conferences and meetings. 

Contract Research

  • 2021: C0-Leader of the Research Project 'Infrastructuur voor Duurzame Gebiedsontwikkeling' in collaboration with Vereniging Deltametropool for the Ministry of Infrastructure (I&W)

  • 2019: Project Leader and Co-Researcher in the Research Project 'Fondsen voor verstedelijking' for the Ministry of the Interior (BZK)

  • 2019: Project Leader and Co-Researcher in the Research Project 'GebiedsInvesteringsZone (GIZ): naar een praktijkexperiment' for the Ministry of the Interior (BZK)

  • 2019: Project Leader and Co-researcher in the Research Project 'Succesfactoren alternative bekostiging van openbaar vervoer en gebiedsontwikkeling' for the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water (I&W)

  • 2018: Project Leader and Co-Researcher in the Research Project 'Ruimte voor bedrijven' for the Municipality of Rotterdam

  • 2017: Research Proposal 'Innovatieve Stadshaven: Eilandje - Steenborgerweert' for Vespa AG Antwerp (not granted)

  • 2016-17: Co-Resercher in the Research Project 'Area Transformations' for the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs (BZK)

  • 2015-17: Project Leader and Principle Researcher in the Research Project 'Governance for Next Generation Waterfronts' for SmartPort Knowledge Institute

  • 2013: Co-Researcher in the Research Project 'Kennismotor' for the Municpality of Rotterdam                                                           

  • 2012: Project Leader and Co-Researcher in the Research Project 'Sturen tussen haven en stad' for the Municpality of Rotterdam/Programmabureau Stadshavens

  • 2011: Co-Researcher in the Research Project 'REAP2' for Programmabureau Stadshavens

  • 2011: Project Leader and Co-Researcher for the Research Project 'Sturen op Waarde 2' for the Municpality of Rotterdam

  • 2010: Project Leader and Co-Researcher for the Research Project 'Sturen op Waarde' for the Municpality of Rotterdam (together with Erasmus University Rotterdam).



2018: Co-Researcher and Co-Author of the Research Essays on Urban

Transformation for the National

Program Stedelijke Transformatie.

Conference Activities

  • 2021: Plenary Speaker at the Jaarcongres Stedelijke Transformaties, February 11, Woerden (online, 400+ audience)

  • 2021: Moderator of the ULI Europe Urban Infrastructure Forum, February 4 (online, 40+ audience)

  • 2021: Panelist at the ULI Netherlands Annual Meeting, January 7 

  • 2020: Moderator at the Diner Pensant Virtual Meeting of the Opdrachtgeversforum voor de Bouw, October 28

  • 2020: Co-Moderator of the sLIM Webinar 'Energie en GO', October 14

  • 2020: Moderator of the AIVP Webinar 'How to Plan Waterfronts after the COVID-19?', June 4

  • 2020: Moderator at the Provada LIVE Webinar on the Future of Urban Living, June 17, Amsterdam (RAI)

  • 2020: Co-Organiser and Speaker at the SKG Expert Meeting Real Estate & Infrastructure Climate Risk Management, March 12, Delft

  • 2020: Co-Organiser and Moderator of the ULI Infrastructure & Real Estate Forum, February 4, Amsterdam

  • 2020: Co-Organiser and Moderator of the sLIM Evening Debate 'The Common City', January 19, Amsterdam

  • 2019: Director of the Annual SKG Conference 'Gebiedsontwikkeling: meer waarde door samenwerking', November 7, The Hague (240 participants)

  • 2019: Speaker at the 'Programmabijeenkomst Stedelijke transformatie', October 8, Utrecht

  • 2019: Invited Expert and Panelist at the AIVP Days, June 6-8, Riga, Latvia

  • 2019: Organiser and Moderator of the SKG Expert Meeting 'Ontwerpend onderzoek en gebiedsontwikkeling', May 24, Delft

  • 2019: Speaker at the Conference '20 jaar PT', March 28, Tilburg, The Netherlands

  • 2019: Organiser and Moderator of the Seminar 'Bereikbare verdichting', February 13, Delft

  • 2019: Speaker at the Annual Conference 'Stedelijke transformatie', February 14, Eindhoven

  • 2019: Co-Organiser and Moderator of the Evening Debate 'The Post-Growth City', January 15, Amsterdam

  • 2018: Round Table Discussant on Linking Port and City Economies, Spaces and Cultures at the Port City Futures Conference, December 17-19, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • 2018: Invited Expert at a seminar for the H2020 project 'Docks of the Future', October 29-30, Porto, Portugal

  • 2018: Rapporteur at the 16th AIVP World Conference 'Next Generation', Jun 11-14, Quebec, Canada

  • 2018: Presenter and Discussant at the national conference Stedelijke Transformatie, February 22, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

  • 2017: Presenter at the EXPO Real 2017 Urban Innovation and Investment Seminars, October 4, Munich, Germany

  • 2017: Moderator and Presenter at the European Real Estate Society  (ERES) Annual Conference, June 27-July 1, Delft, The Netherlands

  • 2016: Invited Speaker at the European Week of Regions and Cities, October 12, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2016: Poster Presentation at the 15th World Conference Cities & Ports, October 5-7, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • 2015: Presenter at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) 2016, April 1, San Francisco, United States

  • 2015: Keynote Speech at ISOCARP2015 Rotterdam Workshop, October 19, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • 2014: Initiator, Co-organizer and Presenter: Spoorzone Delft Mobile Workshop, AESOP 28th Annual Congress, July 11, Delft, The Netherlands

  • 2014: Co-organizer and Presenter: Round Table 'Port CityScapes', AESOP 28th Annual Congress, July 9-12, Utrecht/Delft, The Netherlands

  • 2011: Co-organizer: Urban Area Development Track, MISBE2011 Conference (Management and Innovation for a Sustainable Built Environment), June 20-22, Amsterdam

  • 2011: Reviewer and Presenter: AESOP Young Academics Meeting, February 16-18, Delft, The Netherlands

  • 2007: Co-organizer and Presenter: ACTP – Seminar for Port Related PhD Research, Academic Centre for TransPort/Port of Rotterdam, April 27, Rotterdam.


2019-present: Co-Organiser and Moderator of Vastgoedcafé Network Meetings hosted by City of Delft and members of Delft's construction, property development, investment, and social/affordable housing industry (09May19, 18Sep19, 5Feb20, 1Jul20)